I guess this is going to be a long post since it's been a LONG time.  Jamie's wedding was lovely and I learned that I can put together a great looking wedding without a partner, and I am resolute in doing this thing solo.  Now that her wedding is past me I am actually looking forward to doing it again!!  I know now that I need to create a team to help me, and I already have in mind some recruits.  I have to give a huge thank you to Jesse and Maryann Higgins for helping me decorate the wedding site and sweating it out with me that day.  The second great part of putting this wedding together is I found that Jamie's boss is a fantastic photographer and that Diana & Grizelda do some beautiful wedding updo's.  I'll have their contact information on my website soon along with the photographs of this special day.  I can't wait to for my next project to come knocking at my door.
For any bride-to-be looking to put together a bridesmaid survivor kit or gift bag.  Makeup is an easy way to go and helps with creating a unified look in your bridal party...Have you heard of E.L.F. Cosmetics yet? Eyes, Lips, Face is what it stands for, and it is a great choice for two reasons: it's high quality and affordability (all of their makeup starts at $1 and none of it is more than $5).  To find a store who carries E.L.F. check out their website: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/home

Two great places to find unique jewelry to decorate your wedding party from their ears to their wrists without going deep into your pockets. 

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