Well...Halloween is officially over (woo-hoo).  I don't know about anyone else, but my mind has completely shifted from costumes and trick-or-treats to Christmas trees and ornaments.  I know Thanksgiving is next in line, but when I try to think about the preparations that need to be made my mind skips over to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and I mentally put a checklist together: Tennis (check), t-shirt, sweater, jacket (check), endless recyclable bags (check), copious amounts of patience (well, sort of check).  I love the biggest shopping day of the year, I look forward to it with the same zeal I have for my birthday, Halloween and Christmas...all rolled together.  I'm also trying to keep myself busy, I do my best to keep my mind occupied so that I won't focus on my dad.  So, I'll obsess over christmas cookies and garland, and keep my mind happy and busy as the season of giving approaches.  I wish a Happy Autumn to everyone, until we meet again, MWAH!

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    My very best friend, and co-conspirator is my mother Rose,
    I love party planning, and my happiest moment is seeing it all come to fruition.I'm a native Phoenician, and although I'll never completely get used to our scorching summers, I love it in the Fall and Winter, when snow is so close, yet far enough away so that I don't have to deal with it everyday.  I love planning parties, creating invitations, and taking my "only child" Ladybug for walks.  I'm hoping that event planning will be what I do for a long long time...


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